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Asphalt Xtreme Cheats, Hack, Tips and Tricks

Asphalt Xtreme, also known as Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing, is a racing game released by the well-known French producer Gameloft. The premiere of the game, which took place on October 27, 2016. many fans of the previous game’s verses were waiting. We can play it on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile platforms. Downloading the game is free, however for some options we will have to pay. The game in many respects resembles the previous of the extremely popular Asphalt series, but this time we can go on a journey outside the race track: routes run through various areas, from glaciers, through cities to jungles.

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About Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme allows you to play in five different modes. We can play not only against bots, but also against other players: online multiplayer allows up to eight users to play in real time. While racing, we can admire routes running through various countries: Mongolia, USA, Thailand, Thailand, Norway, Feria and Nepal.

In addition to new routes, the rules of the game resemble those from previous series. We must win races to earn the points needed to buy better cars – which we can win next races. You can buy up to 63 cars, divided into 7 categories, eg race cars, monster trucks or SUVs. The player can race machines of well-known brands, such as Jeep, Chevrolet or Marcedez-Benz. More than 400 events are available in career mode. In addition, we can perform time-limited master challenges. Career mode includes 20 seasons. Each of them contains 15 races, and in each race we have three goals to complete. When we manage to accomplish all three goals, we get a box – usually iron, but sometimes there are brown, silver, and even gold. These boxes contain various rewards. In the championship mode, we can have 15 races each car and win other prizes. Sometimes we can also find „special projects” in which we can only participate in a limited time and only if we meet certain requirements.

We can control the car in several different ways: using the accelerometer, virtual steering wheel, external controller or just turning right and left by clicking the appropriate side of the screen. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, some do not allow precise car stereos. It is worth testing which option will be the most convenient for us.

We can play on all platforms mentioned above, but to fully enjoy the amazing graphics offered by Asphalt Xtreme, we will need a good phone – routes and races are presented in great detail. Another advantage of Asphalt Xtreme is that we can adjust the way we lead ourselves, choosing from a large number of configurations. As a cons of the game can be treated rather intrusive micropayment system and the fact that it is available only in the English language version.

We invite you to watch the game’s trailer:

Asphalt Xtreme Guides, Tips and Cheats

1. Destroy Anything that Is not Terrain

As a broad rule, you are able to kill something in the game which can't be categorized as terrain, and also you are able to do this by operating it over. Barrels and boxes should not prevent you, and neither should fences; simply ram in them and beyond them, plus eliminate almost as you can. Destroying these things enables you to regain the nitro of yours more quickly, and as virtually any racing game veteran knows, you require nitro to enable you to go faster.

2. You can Wreck Other Vehicles Too

Asphalt Xtreme provides you with a great deal of options of automobile in the game, and based on the vehicle type you are using, you may be ready to wreck the automobiles of various other motorists. All of this will depend on just how quickly you are living and just how heavy the ride of yours is, but in case you have have the best automobile, and also have the nitro on long enough, you are able to kill another person's car as well as watch that nitro recharge faster than it usually would. This is not your regular racing game where you generally have to stay away from making contact with opposing automobiles; rather, it is a game in which you are able to destroy the opposition in a few circumstances.

3. Bonus Objectives Actually are Optional, But Recommended

Apart from the 3 stars maximum you are able to make after finishing each level, you will find 2 other optional goals which you are able to aim for too. Getting 3 stars, just love it's in Gear.Club, is not difficult in terminology of the kind of requirement - it is as easy as reaching place that is first. But the recommended goals would involve you to do things that are certain, like stay airborne for a certain time period, or perform several tricks with the vehicle of yours, like barrel rolls. Maintain the recommended extra goals in your mind while racing, and finish as a lot of them as you possibly can, as they will enable you to get metal resources as a reward for the efforts of yours. But how come materials very important? Continue reading, and also we will inform you in our very following suggestion.

4. You Require Materials To Upgrade The Cars of yours

Yet another area where Asphalt Xtreme differs from various other games of the kind of its is in the upgrading mechanic. Usually, you are able to update something on the vehicle of yours so long as you've the cash, as the garage of yours, performance center, and what've you'll constantly keep components you are needing. But in this particular game, you require materials in addition to the standard automobile parts. It is a really RPG ish item to put in a racing game, though it's what it's - substances as well as parts are what you have to update, so that as we pointed out previously, you are able to buy several rare substances by completing the extra objectives in a quality.

5. String Together A long, Impressive Drift

An additional RPG ish component of this particular game is exactly how it has an ability that you can string together a combo. Though it is not actually a combination we are speaking about her, but only a drift; a lots of racing games reward you for the ability of yours to drift, along with this's at least one. You are able to drift by punching in the brakes as well as turning simultaneously, and finishing a profitable drift is able to enable you to generate back the nitro of yours faster. It does not matter much whether it is a fast, split-second drift, as actually the quickest ones might provide you with an amazingly adequate boost.

So what is the very best method with regards to drifting in this game? We'd recommend building up the nitro of yours until you get to the best three-bar mark. Hit Boost, then wait until the bar gets to red, subsequently hit Boost once more to string in concert a nitro combination of kinds. As nitro recharges while in the procedure of improving, you are actually producing a chain right here, and in theory, you are able to cake which chain a limitless one, enabling you to enhance the nitro of yours all throughout.

6. Engage in The Multiplayer Races

Apart from taking on computer controlled autos, you are able to likewise take on "real people," meaning man drivers and the own vehicles of theirs. You are able to generate a card package when playing with multiplayer mode, which goes atop the free card containers you get when you finish a season with all of the essential stars. Every time you succeed in 3 multiplayer races, you will be compensated with a card box.

Today this's one thing you are able to hypothetically do each day, but get note that racing in multiplayer is going to take a toll on the car of yours plus possibly slow it down when you go back to the common races. Consider it anytime you are getting prepared to have somebody (or maybe a number of folks) in multiplayer mode.

You might likewise need help in choosing the proper vehicle. You are able to get a leg in place over the opponents of yours by outrunning them with speed, using the nitro boost of yours, doing drifts, performing stunts, or perhaps by ruining the vehicles of theirs. You will find a lot of methods to succeed in this particular game, and based on the stat you wish to concentrate on, you might need various automobiles for various game or tasks modes. Why don't we not waste some far more time, and also take you several more Asphalt Xtreme tips as well as tricks, this includes the very best automobiles in the game for every one of the various specializations.


Searching for an automobile that does nicely in terminology of acceleration, or maybe the capability to reach high speed as fast as you possibly can? You are able to try out the Ariel Nomad, that is ranked at just 3.60 secs. This particular, along with different buggies, are little cars which could get off to a quick start with the lightning-quick acceleration figures of theirs, although the disadvantage of utilizing a buggy is definitely the great likelihood you may get bullied around by monster trucks and also various other big vehicles.


Clearly, you want a huge truck in case you want to destroy a great deal of opponents, even though these beasts are slow moving grunts on the off road, they are additionally significantly larger than other vehicles. And they are able to kill automobiles quickly when they have got nitro activated, so that as we described in the common guide, destruction allows you to regain nitro easily. Trucks can also be excellent when destroying obstacles like fences, boxes, and barrels. Therefore with all of that said, the Ford 3 Window Coupe has excellent all around stats for the class of its, which means you are able to choose that car in case you are searching for a destroyer type.


Rally automobiles usually manage very well for standard vehicles, however the best handling automobile in Asphalt Xtreme, once more, is a buggy. Plus additionally, it is the Ariel Nomad, that has a handling rating of 2.10 Gs.


The very best nitro centric automobile of the game is ironically a very sluggish one, the Unimog U 4023. It are able to be filed under the monster truck group, but in case you have got nitro switched on, you could bring forty four km/h on the truck 's fairly underwhelming top speed, that is a huge increase really.

It is a huge increase, but that does not replace the point that the Unimog U 4023 is sluggish. Extremely gradual. You might in addition think about rally automobiles, that are generally tops with regards to regaining nitro, along with these are the Volkswagen Beetle GRC, whose nitro improvement leads the way in which in the rally automobile group.


Buggies, as you might expect, work better compared to others when doing stunts or tricks, and that is on account of the light weight of theirs and handling that is crisp. And also for a final period, we are naming the Ariel Nomad as the best pick of ours as a stunt-worthy automobile, plus one which could additionally flourish when you are attempting to string in concert much drift.

Prime Speed

With regards to top speed, you cannot fail with muscle automobiles. The Chevrolet Camaro SS, that is ranked at 260 km/h, is the leader amongst automobiles which are still offered, although you'll quickly have permission to access the Subaru WRX STI GRC (290 km/h) as well as the Dodge Challenger SRT8 (285 km/h), that are considerably faster compared to Chevy's muscle automobile.

Apart from muscle automobiles, you are able to additionally think about rally automobiles, as they've far better nitro performance, and manage better compared to their mainly American-made muscle automobile counterparts.


Last, although not the least, let us take a look at the real picture - which automobile in Asphalt Xtreme provides the very best all around bundle? When discussing common sessions, we would choose SUVs, since they are not particularly gaudy in any region, although not particularly vulnerable also. Try out the range Rover Evoque, that has a premier velocity of 232 km/h, acceleration of 6.60 secs, handling of 1.75G, along with a nitro increase of twenty eight km/h. And it is also large enough to destroy smaller vehicles if the nitro boost is left turned on.

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